Are you trying to lose weight but can't? Showing up daily, but no movement on the scale? Feel like you've tried everything?

Discover how to lose weight so you can actually enjoy food without restriction or starting over EVERY Monday!!



Get the tools you need for sustainable  weight loss! 


Learn to ask yourself better questions to get better weight loss results and let go of the guilt and shame mindset!


Where will you be in 6 months from now? Start your journey today and never have to start over again!

Chances are... You've been scrolling social media or infommercials and watching others successful weight loss stories, and wondering what it is that "they have figured out" that you haven't?


Walk away knowing how to set aside 15 minutes a day to plan. Get first hand tips & tricks to put your plan into action.


Learn the foundations and know the more structure you have in building your plan, the more freedom you get back in your life!


Discover how much more discipline, sleep & energy you will obtain and how much less frustration, overwhelm and stress you will feel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is for 8 week blocks. We meet in person, over zoom, or over the phone weekly for 30 minute check-in's.

First and foremost, I meet you where you are. Each client will have an individualized plan to meet their specific needs. 

You will have access to video's and worksheets that are geared toward helping you achieve sustainable results. The work that you put in now, will pay off.

I do not write prescriptive meal plans, but do have recipes that I share and websites with recipes that I recommend. 

You always have the option to continue every 8 weeks!

Hi! I'm Kristi Goode

BSN, RN, Pn1, 21DSD & Transformational Macro & Fitness Coach

I transform struggling dieters into weight loss experts by creating simple, satisfying and sustainable plans to reach their goals. I love working 1:1 with clients to meet their individual needs. Therefore, I have expanded my nutrition education by becoming a certified nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition along with becoming a certified Transformational Macro & Fitness Coach. Now, I can help guide clients in reaching their nutrition goals through focusing on the whole person and coaching to your individual needs. Come work with me!!


Kristi worked with me to identify achievable goals and create a plan for each week. By building on each week’s successes helped me to feel less frustrated and develop a healthier relationship with food. I never realized how many forms of sugar are hidden in foods! Through the changes that Kristi helped me to implement, I began to notice reduced GI distress, reduced fatigue, and a dramatic decrease in migraines (thanks to removing those artificial sweeteners from my life!). Ultimately, I noticed a marked increase in my energy levels, overall mood, and focus. I even lost a few pounds along the way and have increased my weekly exercise goals, all of which have been easily sustainable by continuing to implement the skills gained by working with Kristi. Her dedication to health and wellness is undeniable and infectious! You feel her ongoing support from the minute you start on your health journey with Kristi! ~Leslie

Ready for sustainable weight loss results?

Find out the #1 trick for weight loss now in my 1:1 coaching program!


 I am not a doctor or dietitian.  The information provided is based on personal experience, extensive research of nutrition, my experience as a 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and my certification in Transformational Macro & Fitness Coaching. Any recommendations conveyed about nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle modifications, or information provided to you in person, email, text, phone, or via my website should be discussed between you and your doctor. The information received in emails, programs, and services does not take the place of, or serve as, professional medical advice or medical nutrition therapy. Any nutritional advice given is strictly for the purposes of improving overall health, wellness, and/or sports performance.


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