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Your journey is about SO much more than fad diets, eliminating sugar, & triggering foods. It's about finding what works for your body and what makes YOU feel your best.

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I help struggling dieters lose weight so that they can stop starting over every MONDAY and achieve sustainable weight loss through data collection & mindfully building their plate with foods they love.

I’ve been coaching for almost 3 years. I've learned so much about myself and my clients and I want to continue serving those who are looking for sustainable fat and weight loss. Accountability has been the number one driver of success for those that I have helped. 


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My one-on-one coaching plus online course, custom tailored macros, and simple nutrition tips will assist you in creating your own sustainable plan for successful fat and weight loss. 




My coaching style is unique in that I help you create a satisfying plan that fits your lifestyle while I guide you along the way. Weekly check-in calls, email and text for accountability and questions.




Apply for my 1:1 coaching and tell me more about your goals and how I can help you create a healthier sustainable lifestyle. I want to get to know you! We'll follow up with a FREE discovery call!


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Diana H.

You don’t know what you don’t know!

I’ve tried many programs over the years, but nothing and no one has given me the level of knowledge and understanding about my food and diet as Kristi. No wonder I wasn’t feeling/seeing any results with past programs. I was going about things all wrong. With Kristi, I learned I needed to first rehabilitate my metabolism. It’s hard work to change your lifestyle, but that’s what you’ll be doing with Kristi. She helps you think about food and nutrition in a whole new way and you learn so much about yourself in the process.

Pam J.

There are always opportunities.

There are always lessons there are always transformations and then there is always gratitude 🙏. Truly I’m grateful for Kristi and her wonderful coaching ability. I am a certified personal fitness instructor with ACE,   Pilates Pilates instructor with Stott Pilates,  & yoga instructor. I have been involved in the wellness industry for 30 years plus.  If I may give a testimony on Kristi's behalf, suffice it to say that she has excellent coaching abilities! 

And her knowledge and encouragement is phenomenal! 

"I had to share an update with you because you have been such a part of this journey with me.  Since June 10, I am down 21 pounds and have lost several inches throughout.  No real food cravings and look forward to getting my workout time in every day.  True changes inside and out!!! 




One Time Macro Count

Tired of jumping from one calorie calculator to another looking for the "perfect" numbers? Or maybe you need your macros adjusted? Walk away knowing where to start or how to proceed with this One Time Macro Count. Join me for a 1 hour call where we dive deeper. Walk away with your custom set macros and macro guide tailored to YOU!

One Time Count

Bust Sugar Cravings

Ready to reset your palate? Feeling overwhelmed and need to reduce your sugar intake? Discover how to incorporate more whole foods into your diet while learning where sugar hides in everyday products. Join me for a 1:1 meeting where we dive deeper! Walk away with tips to bust sugar and carb cravings, plus a recipe guide with shopping list!

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