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Your journey is about SO much more than fad diets, eliminating sugar, & triggering foods. It's about finding what works for your body and what makes YOU feel your best.

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I help women kickstart fat loss so that they can fit comfortably in their pants, have less cravings & know what the heck to eat WITHOUT skipping meals or eating less, to achieve sustainable weight loss. I focus on mindfully balancing your meals with foods you love.

I've learned so much about myself and my clients and I want to continue serving those women who are looking for sustainable fat and weight loss. Accountability has been the number one driver of success for those that I have helped. 


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My coaching, unique "doable" action plans, and simple nutrition tips to assist you in creating your own sustainable plan for successful fat and weight loss that fits your unique body and lifestyle.




My coaching style is unique in that I help you create a satisfying plan that fits your lifestyle while I guide you along the way. Weekly check-in calls, email and text for accountability and questions.




Apply for my coaching and tell me more about your goals and how I can help you create a healthier sustainable lifestyle. I want to get to know you! We'll follow up with a FREE fat loss call!


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Diana H.

I’ve tried many programs over the years, but nothing and no one has given me the level of knowledge and understanding about my food and diet as Kristi. No wonder I wasn’t feeling/seeing any results with past programs.

Tania A.

Kristi is authentic in her care and compassion and really puts effort into customization.  Her 3S model (simple, satisfying, sustainable) really resonated with me and has become the backbone to the way I now think about my meals and snacks and it has become my non-negotiable.

Erin R.

Kristi promotes health at any age! Kristi's program made me realize that creating a SUSTAINABLE plan would get me off the roller coaster of losing and gaining weight. Her coaching helped to shift my mindset from the belief that "I could only eat certain foods for for weight loss", to "I can eat the bagel if I want it!"

One-Time Kickstart Belly Fat Loss Call 

Tired of not knowing "what the heck to eat?". I get it! It can be frustrating when you search for the perfect diet but each one tells you to do something different. Cut out carbs, eat more fruit, increase your fiber - but carbs are bad! Let's dive in with a 55 minute call so that you'll know "what the heck to eat"! This one call could give you the one simple tweak you need, to start losing fat today! 

One-Time Fat Loss Call



Ready to learn the most effective way to kickstart fat loss? Have you lost and gained the same 10 pounds over and over? Tried all the fad diets, eliminated certain foods, and yet nothing seems to be sustainable for you? Overwhelmed and feel like everyone else has it all figured out? Did you know that there is a SIMPLE way to get started on your fat loss or health journey? And you're only one click away!

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Protein Recipes to Kickstart Fat Loss

Kickstart fat loss with these higher protein recipes without feeling HUNGRY in an hour! Create tasty meals and snacks that will keep you "feeling full" and "energized" for hours.

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